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Gender and Sexuality cake analogies
  • Girl: Chocolate
  • Boy: Strawberry
  • Other: Cream
  • Heterosexual: "I’m a strawberry cake. That one over there is a chocolate cake; I like chocolate cakes but not strawberry cakes"
  • Homosexual: “I’m a strawberry cake, I like other strawberry cakes. I don’t like chocolate cakes.”
  • Lesbian: “I’m a chocolate cake, I like other chocolate cakes. I don’t like strawberry cakes.”
  • Bisexual: "I like how Chocolate cake, Strawberry cake and Cream cake looks like. If one of these cakes tastes bad I don’t like it. If one of these cakes tastes good I like it.”
  • Pansexual: “I don’t care about how that cake looks like; it’s either good or bad.”
  • Asexual: “I don’t have any interest in these cakes.”
  • Demi-Sexual: “This cake and I have a long history together; it’s a very good cake. I don’t think other cakes are as good as this one.”
  • Auto sexual: “My own cake is the best tasting one; I do not like other cakes.”
  • Polysexual: “I like that chocolate cake, even if it sometimes becomes cream and strawberry.”
  • Omnisexual: “I love all the cakes.”
  • Queer: “I don’t have a preference for one cake.”
  • Androsexuality: “I like cakes that have strawberry qualities but are not necessarily strawberry cakes.”
  • Gynesexuality: “I like cakes that have chocolate qualities but are not necessarily chocolate cakes.”
  • Transgender Girl: “I’m a chocolate cake; others see me as a strawberry cake. I’m not a strawberry cake.”
  • Transgender Boy: “I’m a strawberry cake; others see me as a chocolate cake. I’m not a chocolate cake.”
  • Agender: “I’m a cream cake; I’m not a Strawberry cake or a Chocolate cake.”
  • Bigender: “I’m a chocolate cake and a strawberry cake at the same time. Sometimes I feel more like a strawberry cake, and sometimes I feel more like a chocolate cake. I’m still half chocolate and strawberry cake.”
  • (Feel free to put in more gender and sexuality cake analogies and edit if some are wrong!)



you know who is extremely underrated???

Alan fucking Cumming


this motherfucker


best known as Floop in Spy Kids


and Nightcrawler


and Glitch if you ever watched the AMAZING mini-series Tin-Manimage

is an omnisexual,

imageoccasional crossdresser in plays


and Tony award winning actor

he deserves more recognition than he gets 

This man is a natural treasure

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Baby sea turtle swimming

or is it flying through the snow

Definitely flying through the snow.


Live Forever | Oasis

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can someone just delete weheartit

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"What makes you think I’m enjoying being led to the flood?"